United: A strong voice for our oceans

The oceans are valuable sources of food, raw materials and energy, an undiscovered reservoir of biological diversity, essential for recreation and crucial for transportation and climate. However, the oceans are acutely endangered and need our help.

If many do something, it is not enough
There are many initiatives to save the oceans. Each one of them moves something. However, we can achieve much more if we bundle up the existing forces into one strong voice. This is the goal of the German Ocean Foundation.

Together we can achieve great things
The German Ocean Foundation creates synergies of knowledge and acting by involving science, economy, politics and society.
The aim is to create a broad “sea-consciousness“: in political decision-makers, in opinion-makers, in the economy, in the general population and, above all, in the youth in order to overcome the present irresponsibility.

Some of our current projects:

„Ocean Tribute“ Award – for the first time awarded in 2018

For the first time, the Prince Albert II Foundation, the German Ocean Foundation and the „boot“ Düsseldorf announce the „Ocean Tribute“ award for protection of the seas in 2018. Entries can be submitted by October 15, 2017. More details: https://oceantributeaward.boot.de

Repeatedly awarded: Youth Ocean Contest

Since 2005, student groups present their research ideas to realize their own project together with scientists and journalists at research and media vessel ALDEBARAN.

“love your ocean“ and Ocean Symposium at “boot“ Düsseldorf

At an interactive activity stand with stage program and at an Ocean Symposium, the German Ocean Foundation presents together with boot Düsseldorf and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation current projects of innovative ocean actors.

European Ocean Delegation

In cooperation with members of the European Parliament and based on the model of the “US Joint Ocean Commission“, there will be build up the “European Ocean Delegation“ as an interdisciplinary organization. With it, European Ocean Law gets implemented faster into Joint European Actions for the Oceans.

Whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean

For the concrete implementation of the European Strategic Ocean Framework Directive, the current occurrence of marine mammals in the Mediterranean will be measured during expeditions with research and media vessel ALDEBARAN for ACCOBAMS.

TV Expedition “Biodiversity“

Biological diversity is the most important field of activity in the area of ocean protection. With renowned ocean scientists, a series of TV-expeditions (ARTE/ZDF) from the Mediterranean across the Atlantic and the Northern to the Baltic Sea will be developed.

Help us to help the oceans!

Our activity is honorary. Our projects require your support. 
Your donation helps – even the smallest donation.
Donations and allocations are tax-deductable according to a certification of Finanzamt Hamburg from December 1st, 2015 under the tax number 17/407/03982.
Contact: buero@meeresstiftung.de • Phone +49 40 32 57 21 0 • www.meeresstiftung.de