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With the research and broadcast vessel ALDEBARAN we sail to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. You are welcome to join us on this journey either on the boat or virtually with your picture or video.

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Our mission

With our partner ship ALDEBARAN we sail from Hamburg to Paris. In the frame of this three-month journey we pass through many cities in order to inform and discuss about climate change and the impact for the oceans.


Dear politicians at the climate summit in Paris # COP21: We expect you to achieve binding international laws and ambitious targets for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by all developed countries, the emerging economies and the highly emissive oil exporting countries (i.e. the Arab gulf countries).

We want the countries of our earth to invest in renewable energy and consequent climate protection NOW! Otherwise the costs for the consequences of climate change will be much higher. This is the only earth we have.

Contribute to the Green Climate Fund with 100 billion USD per year until 2020 to finance the adaptation strategies needed to slow down global warming and to eliminate the climate damages already existing in many developing countries.

We call for an immediate complete conversion into renewable energies!
We demand the abolition of the estimated annual USD 400 million on subsidies for fossil fuels, which exist almost in all countries. We ask you to use the money for reforestation and formation of soils and sea-grass meadows that store CO2 (REED+ Agreement).

Avoid over-fertilization, excessive use of pesticides and competition with bioenergy! Everything ends up in the world’s oceans sooner or later which are suffering from the influx of anthropogenic substances.

Since the 70s the world’s oceans have absorbed 90% of the global warming and have become 30% more acidic.

Climate change is causing the oceans to rise, to heat up and to become acidic. We have to act now in order to prevent our coasts, the biodiversity and the quality of life from further impacts of climate change.

These are the demands that we bring to the political representatives in Strasbourg and to the representatives at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Either there will be a decision now, after many years of negotiations, or our planet is in danger to lose.

Our tour

Here you can follow the stations of our tour. Find out where you can meet us and where events take place.
Our crew also visits schools and other events etc.
We are looking forward to receiving suggestions and ideas for activities in your city. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Please understand that we can confirm appointments only two weeks in advance.

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Our team on the tour

Please send us your application, if have experiences in sailing or deeper knowledge of climate change. It would be helpful, if you can speak English, French or both. Contact us for further information.

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